10 Tips to Make Your Old Car Feel New

November 17th, 2015 by

2014 RAV4

Have you just bought a used car and want it to look like new? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place, as this article will give you some helpful tips.

Tip #1- Clean Everything

The first step is to clean the car. Take the car to a car wash and get it washed and waxed in order to achieve the glossy look. Then work on the interior and clean out all the surfaces.

Tip #2- Fix the Cockpit

If the wheel and the dashboard look tattered and old, then it is time to get it replaced. You can also consider dying and repainting the dashboard.

Tip #3- Electronics

If you have bought a used car that’s quite old, then one thing is for sure, and that is the car has an outdated sound system. Get a system that integrates the satellite radio, your phone, MP3 player, and a Bluetooth connection as it will surely add to your car’s overall appeal. The best part is that these systems are very inexpensive and will cost under $200. You can also get an electronic GPS navigation system, as it will increase the functionality of your car.

Tip #4- Let It Breathe

Air filters and intake systems might not do magic, but they open up the inhalation system, and can kick up the horsepower. Invest in a cold air intake system, and upgrade your car.

Tip #5- Clear the Lenses

Old cars have plastic headlamps that tend to get dull over time. Get it changed, as it will improve the car’s appearance and will improve the illumination.

Tip #6-Revitalize the A/C

Check the car’s AC for bacteria and mold. Make sure that the air is clean, and don’t forget to check and clean the filters. After you are done with all this, don’t forget to use the deodorizer.

Tip #7- Rubberize

The door seal of your cars tend to wear away and have tears as the car ages. These tears can cause a number of problems. Such as:

  • Can lead to air gaps, which will make a howling sound when you drive.
  • Can allow heat to escape during winters.
  • Can allow cool air to escape during summers
  • Can the water in when it is raining.

The strips are pretty inexpensive and will make a huge difference. Also, while you are at it, also replace the rubber on the wind shield if it has worn out.

Tip #8- Paint

You can apply a new coat of paint to your car, on the areas that have become a dull gray due to the weather.

Tip #9- Braked and Suspended

By replacing the struts, shocks, pads and brake rotators, you can improve the performance of your car. Shock absorbers are also great, but when they are on their off the car, you can get the suspension and steering system rebuilt with tie rod ends and new ball joints. Other than this, you can replace the pads and worn out discs, as that affects performance.

Tip #10- Wheels and Tires

Your car will perform better if the tires are properly inflated. Keep checking the tires, and get them replaced when you want to improve the appearance and performance of your vehicle.

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