2014 Toyota Yaris is a Stylish Hatchback that comes at an Affordable Price

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Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris

The 2014 Toyota Yaris is one way for you to save a few dollars on your next car. It is a pretty basic vehicle, and in a lot of ways, many competitors have set the bar higher. However, the inherent affordability of the 2014 Toyota Yaris gives it an edge over its competitors.

You’ll find two and four hatchback models available with the 2014 Toyota Yaris. Unfortunately, there is still no sedan available. Toyota says it has redesigned the car for 2014. However, the truth of the matter is that it’s more of a refreshed version than a redesigned one.

Refreshed Exterior

The front and center of the big triangular grille of the Toyota Yaris 2014 has upper and lower sections compared to the previous year’s model which had split sections. The 2014 front grille has a more interesting look than its predecessors.

Body-colored door, handles and mirrors are standard on the 2014 Yaris, thus the Yaris, even in its most basic form, steer clears of that down-market cheap car look. The 2014 Yaris has 16-inch alloy rims, unique headlights with unique projectors, LED daytime running lights, and fog lights at the bottom of the fenders.

Re-Styled Cabin

You’ll find some interesting textures in the restyled cabin of the 2014 Yaris, especially in its top trim levels. It has a sort of pated, texturized material across the center part of the dash and has a nice bit of upscale touch to it.

Along the armrest on the door, the texture is metallic. Also, the silver door handles add a bit of class to the car. The 2014 Yaris has no center armrest which is a bit odd. The shelf like dashboard of the 2014 Yaris does offer a lot of space for your knees and your legs. However, some drivers may find the seat cushions to be a bit small for their liking, especially ones with a larger built. If you’re taller than average, you may find the seats a bit uncomfortable too.

The 2014 Yaris has no telescoping steering wheel, its only tilt which is a major setback as a lot of cars in this segment offer telescoping wheel adjustments. The climate control knobs are easy to see and feel but they don’t feel like being of the highest quality. It has standard power windows and locks. The 2014 Yaris has a standard touch screen but has no available backup camera. It also features Bluetooth control for your phone which you can use by accessing the center stack.

Good Handling and an Efficient Drive

A very small 4-cylinder engine with a horsepower of 106 is typical of a sub-compact Yaris. The 2014 Yaris features a 4 speed automatic transmission which makes it a kind of slow, noisy car, especially at freeway speeds.

It also has a sports tuned suspension which absorbs bumps fine at lower speeds but the very short wheelbase makes for a turbulent highway experience. On the flip side, its steering and handling are quite good.

Competitors of 2014 Toyota Yaris charge a lot more for similar features; if you’re a bargain hunter then the 2014 Yaris is perfect for you. Visit Findlay Auto located in Las Vegas to test drive the 2014 Toyota Yaris or other used cars.

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