Findlay Automotive Group Tyler Corder Wins Best Buddies’ Champion of the Year

Published: 11/10/21

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Findlay Automotive CFO Tyler Corder Wins Best Buddies’ Champion of the Year

On Friday evening in a large ballroom in Caesars Palace Best Buddies supporters excitedly watched to see who would be named Champion of the Year. The honor went to Findlay Automotive’s CFO, Tyler Corder, along with his mission partner Michelle Desrochers from Findlay Toyota. Tyler and his fundraising team set a new all-time national record by raising $231,206 for Best Buddies International.

Best Buddies International, founded by Anthony Shriver is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical, and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The Best Buddies programs assist people with IDD by helping them form meaningful friendships with their peers, secure jobs, live independently, improve in public speaking, and self-advocacy.

Desrochers asked Corder to compete to be the Best Buddies’ Champion of the Year. The designation of Champion of the year goes to the campaign that raises the most money for Best Buddies. Desrochers said, “I nominated Tyler for Champion of the Year because he is an amazing person. He loves people with disabilities.”

Tyler Corder said, “We love the mission of Best Buddies. Giving opportunities to people who otherwise might be isolated is a wonderful cause. We love it because we think everyone should have opportunities for friendships, social interaction, and employment. The money we were able to raise for Best Buddies will go toward continuing to provide these opportunities.”

Corder has a passion for helping the community and feels especially passionate about people with disabilities. Michelle Desrochers, a member of the IDD community who works at the Findlay Toyota, is Corder’s biggest fan. Desrochers was hired on through the Best Buddies program and has not only been an excellent employee but beloved by the entire Findlay family.

The Best Buddies job program represents one of the organization’s four key mission pillars, Integrated Employment. This program secures jobs for people with intellectual
and developmental disabilities, allowing them to earn an income, contribute to society and support themselves. Desrochers said, “I am so excited that my Champion, Tyler, and I won this year! I just knew we were going to win, and we did it!”
Corder said, “We feel a real personal connection to Best Buddies ever since Michelle came to work for us at Findlay Toyota in 2017. She has been an inspiration to our employees and our customers alike. It just goes to show that a person with an intellectual or developmental disability can be a great employee if given the opportunity.

Barbara Desrochers, Michelle’s mother is an advocate for the IDD community. She was the Event Chair for the Best Buddies Gala. “The Findlay automotive family and vendors broke all previous records locally and nationally by raising more than $200,000! Thank you, team, and congratulations!”

Hannah Marley, Regional Director of Best Buddies International, said, “We are so thankful for the incredible support of Findlay Automotive Group and Tyler Corder. The dedication to raising awareness and funds for the Best Buddies mission will allow for more programs and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to thrive throughout the state of Nevada. Thank you so much, Findlay team!”

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