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Published: 7/20/21

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Findlay Automotive is Celebrating 60 Years in Las Vegas

Findlay Automotive Group is grateful to be celebrating 60 years in business. With 33 locations and over 2,300 employees, Findlay is proud to have its story weaved into Nevada history. Above all else, Findlay is a family owned and operated business. Its goal has always been to take care of its employees, customers, and the community at large. The Findlay story is a Las Vegas story. In 1961, Pete Findlay started “Pete Findlay Oldsmobile.” It was a time when Las Vegas was booming! With lots of hard work and dedication, the Findlay name has grown along with Las Vegas. 60 years later Pete’s son, Cliff, and his three sons, Justin, Nathan, and Robby – who are fifth generation Nevadans – run the family business.

Findlay’s CFO Tyler Corder has been with the company for more than 25 years. He said, “So many car dealerships are owned by large national corporations without ties to our community. Findlay is a family business and that has a major impact on how we operate. We have 3 generations of family that are involved. We’re all about family and community and that’s what the Findlay name means to me.”

Findlay has been involved with the community and giving back since the beginning. They do this by contributing funds and volunteers to local non-profits. These organizations are well equipped to know the needs of the community and how best to help real people and families which in turn builds better and stronger neighborhoods. Corder said, “We’re all about community. It’s something we really believe in. I just took it from what Pete started back in the 60’s. I have pictures of him with all different
kinds of charities. As we’ve grown we’ve multiplied that effort and done our best to give back as much as we can.”

The Findlay Automotive Group has been recognized over the years for its efforts in community service. Corder said, “We’ve worked with well over 100 charities, and look forward to continuing to be involved in the community. We love giving back!”

In addition to its community-focused efforts, Findlay has sought to create a supportive and caring workplace for its employees. This has resulted in many of its employees remaining with the company their entire careers. Corder said, “We’ve been able to advance an awful lot of people in their careers. We make every effort to promote from within. Nearly all dealership general managers held multiple positions with us before taking on that role. We create opportunities from within where people are able to provide for their families and in return, they’ve brought up people that they’ve mentored.”

In June 2021, Jaguar Land Rover Henderson opened its doors making it the 33rd dealership to join the Findlay Automotive Group. General Manager, Chuck Loubert, has been with Findlay
for 19 years. His enthusiasm and passion for his employees and dealership is palpable. Loubert said, “I started in the car business as an 18 year old kid parking cars.” He has spent his whole career in this industry at various dealerships. Regarding, Findlay’s senior management he said, “Cliff, Tyler, Robby and Justin. They are just great people who support you 100 percent of the way. We all follow their example of

Senior Sales Manager Jessie Sanchez – another longtime Findlay employee – talked about the goals that she and Chuck share for
the future. Sanchez said, “We want to create a completely different environment from what people have ever experienced before as far as purchasing vehicles. We want to be at the forefront of technology with digitizing almost the entire sales process. Our customer-facing processes are the most enjoyable because of how smooth our
systems are.” With a laugh, she said, “We have worked to make sure buying a car is as fun as it should be.”

Findlay’s investment in Las Vegas will continue. Later this year Findlay Volvo Cars Las Vegas will be relocating to a newly constructed, larger location on the southwest side of town at 215 and Rainbow right next to Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas.

No one knows if Pete Findlay foresaw how much Las Vegas and his small family business would grow and prosper but everyone agrees he would be very pleased with the results.

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