Findlay Volvo Cars Las Vegas has moved to a brand new state-of-the-art facility

Published: 11/24/21

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Findlay Volvo Cars Las Vegas has moved to a brand new
state-of-the-art facility

Findlay Volvo Cars Las Vegas opened their doors at their new location: 6385 Roy Horn Way on November 15, 2021. The move places the dealership right next to other Findlay stores including Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas, Subaru of Las Vegas, and Findlay Chevrolet, which are all located in the southwest at 215 and Rainbow.

Volvo customers will appreciate that the new facility is much larger than the previous location coming in at just over 26,000 square feet. What’s more, the new dealership was built with efficiency in mind. The store’s General Manager Jim Diguilio explained that service customers will experience shorter wait times. For example, replacing brake pads and rotors usually takes about an hour and a half at most dealerships; with Findlay Volvo’s new two technicians per car process and the more efficient design of the shop, the job should take about 30 minutes.

General Manager Jim Diguillo reflected on how quickly and dramatically things can change for people and for companies. Diguilio first arrived in Las Vegas in 1998, in a car without air conditioning, he had just driven from Cleveland, Ohio with everything he owned in the backseat. At that time he had no idea that
20 plus years later, he would be opening an ultramodern dealership for Findlay Automotive. Now, talking from the floor of Findlay Volvo, Diguilio speaks with passion about plans for the future. When asked about what he sees for the future of Volvo, Diguilio states simply, “we will be the best.”

Volvo is indeed on track to surpass even the most ambitious goals of auto manufacturers around the world. Volvo is rapidly electrifying its vehicles and has stated that by 2025 every model in their line-up will be at least partially electric. In fact, Volvo plans to fully transition to exclusively electric vehicles by 2030. Volvo believes in global sustainability and providing the best product to its clients. It is a human-centric brand.

Findlay Volvo Cars Las Vegas boasts the largest inventory of any Volvo dealer in Nevada and one of the largest on the west coast. Offering customers choices is always welcome but with current supply chain issues affecting every industry, most automotive dealerships only have a fraction of their normal inventory. This is where Findlay Volvo stands out by having more inventory than usual.

Upon entering Findlay Volvo, it is apparent that Findlay Automotive has constructed this dealership in accordance with Volvo’s global sustainability initiatives by using natural woods, low-water facilities, sustainable fabrics, and generating minimum waste. Findlay supports these efforts to promote long-term environmental consciousness, as it betters our community and those who reside therein. Diguilio said, “Nobody serves our community like Findlay. I’m proud to be part of an organization that gives back so much to the cities in which we operate. The Volvo sustainability initiative is one way we can continue to be a positive member of the Las Vegas business community.”

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The Findlay Automotive Group began with one Las Vegasocation in 1961. Findlay has grown to 34 dealerships in 6 states. Learn more

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