Make-A-Wish Foundation teams up with Findlay to grant a wish

Published: 9/3/22

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Make-A-Wish Foundation teams up with Findlay to grant a wish

Findlay Customs is known for their elaborate paint jobs, sound systems, and tricking out old cars to be new and modern. Make-A-Wish Foundation reached out to them and asked for help granting a wish. Gustavo, a 19-year-old Leukemia patient from Las Vegas, Nevada heartfelt wish was to have a makeover of his 1991 GMC Sierra. Gustavo has been battling Leukemia for over two years and despite undergoing weekly chemotherapy treatments, Gustavo is determined to remain optimistic.

On Friday, August 27th Gustavo’s wish came true as his 1991 GMC Sierra was fully redone, and enhanced with a sound system made for a teenager. There was magic in the air as the car was unveiled and the crew at Findlay Customs led Gustavo around his new ride. Tyler Corder, CFO of Findlay Automotive Group said, “We learned about Gustavo when Make-A-Wish got a hold of us and told his story. Gustavo has been having some medical challenges with Leukemia and we wanted to help. We’re so excited to be granting this wish and we hope Gustavo’s new truck brings him lots of joy.”

Gustavo said, “When I first saw it, it’s exactly how I wanted it. A nice original look but just completely new and Findlay customs did exactly that, I like it and it's how I wanted it so I’m very happy. I’m forever grateful to Findlay and Make-A-Wish for granting me this wish. I’m so proud of my truck. I love it.”

Mike Austin, General Manager of Findlay Customs said, “We’re excited to be granting this wish and I just wanted to thank my team at Findlay Customs. They went above and beyond to get this car done even with challenges of car parts being delayed. We made it happen and can’t wait for Gustavo to enjoy it.”

Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted over 340,000 wishes for children with critical illnesses. Its mission is to create life-changing wishes for children and critical illnesses with the hope that the wish can help boost the physical and emotional strength needed to fight a critical illness. The Make-A-Wish Foundation believes in the power and impact of a wish is what guides and inspires them to grant the wish to every eligible child. The Findlay Automotive Group is pleased and honored to fund this wish. They appreciate the exceeding quality of work done by the team at Findlay Customs.

Gustavo’s future is looking bright, as he is feeling better than before. His treatments should be wrapping up in the near future and he hopes to spend time in his new truck. The Findlay family is wishing Gustavo and his family happiness and health for the next chapter of his life. Thank you for letting us grant your wish!

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