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Published: 07/26/2022

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Findlay Automotive donates to Win-Win Entertainment

Las Vegas Nevada is the home to many entertainers of various genres including

musicians, actors/actresses, magicians, comedians, and performers who dazzle their audiences

with death-defying acrobatics, and even the unexpected witty one-liner. With people coming

from all over the world to see these performers, Jeff Civillico and Win-Win Entertainment seek

to bring these shows to those in need. Specifically, Win-Win Entertainment – a Las Vegas-based

nonprofit – aims to bring smiles to children in hospitals by arranging in-person and virtual visits

from entertainers, athletes, and celebrities. Although based in Las Vegas, Win-Win

Entertainment is currently operating in 12 different cities. As a result of the COVID-19

pandemic, Win-Win Entertainment expanded its reach to provide virtual visits and plans to

continue both in-persona and virtual visits in order to reach as many children as possible.

Win-Win Entertainment is 100% volunteer-based, has no paid staff, and relies on

performers to donate their time for all events. Findlay Automotive Group admires this vision

and the goal to support and lift those children in hospitals that are suffering from various

illnesses. Ultimately, the Findlay Automotive Group has the belief that the Las Vegas

community should take care of each other. Thus, the Findlay was pleased to donate $7,000 to

Win-Win Entertainment to help make sure children receive some hope and happiness through

entertainment. Tyler Corder, CFO of the Findlay Automotive Group said, “At Findlay Automotive

we really love the work being done by Win-Win Entertainment. The idea of having entertainers

visit hospitals to cheer up sick kids is wonderful. It is fitting that this charity was founded in Las

Vegas considering all the entertainers in town. We are very proud to support this great charity

and hope they can continue to bring smiles to sick kids for many years.”

Win-Win Entertainment believes in the inherent generosity of the human spirit and

believes that people want to give back, but may get distracted by the busyness of daily life.

However, with encouragement and donations from local partners and supporters Win-Win

Entertainment is able to continue its visions. Win-Win Entertainment’s founder and

chairman Jeff Civillico said, “I wanted to say thank you to the Findlay Automotive for their

incredible donation. We are going to be able to expand all around the nation. It was awesome

to be on the spin-zone and participate with all the wonderful things Findlay is doing. Win-Win

Entertainment is grateful for their support and appreciate all that Findlay does.”

Since inception, Win-Win Entertainment has arranged 862 shows and impacted 114,195

lives with 5,516 performer hours donated. The Findlay Automotive hopes and anticipates that

Win-Win Entertainment will be able to continue to provide fun, entertaining, and beneficial

shows for children across the United States and is grateful to be able to play a small supporting

role. Best of luck to Win-Win Entertainment, and here’s to always hoping for a speedy recovery!

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