Certified Pre-Owned vs. Used Vehicles

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2016 Toyota Avalon

Certified Pre-Owned vs. Used

When purchasing a used car, it is sometimes difficult to be 100% sure that the vehicle won’t fall apart after you drive it off the lot. Purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle has many advantages then just purchasing a used vehicle. The 100-point inspection will be sure to sniff out possible issues that could arise immediately leaving the dealership. Although there are different kinds of certifications and you have to make sure that you purchase a certified pre owned that has the backing of an official automaker certification program.

Is it Buying Certified Pre-Owned Really Worth It?

There has been guidance by consumer reports to forgo the purchase of a pricy certified pre owned and just purchasing something a little less expensive. The idea is that repairing the non-certified vehicle will be less expensive then purchasing the latter. Well that may be true in the perfect world but when you get that bill after buying a used vehicle for a transmission replacement because you didn’t have 100-point inspection performed, you probably wouldn’t have minded the extra cash.

What is Everyone Else Saying About Buying Certified Pre-Owned

There may be no guarantees that your vehicle will be good for 500,000 miles but it should definitely start its life out without recurring issues that cannot be fixed by the dealer. Some states have even adapted lemon laws which essentially protect the vehicle purchasers interest. With a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, you are getting reassurance that even if there is something wrong you will be covered under the CPO warranty.

Paying for Peace of Mind

When you purchase a certified pre owned from Findlay Auto you are receiving our promise that if there is something wrong with your vehicle it will be taken care of. You may be able to get the same features for less money when you take the used vehicle to get it inspected but you will not have the same care free mentality like you do when you purchase certified pre owned. All of the leg work is done for you in the inspection process and then to top it off there is a warranty.

Understanding Your Choices

Whenever you are making a decision such as purchasing a vehicle you need to do all of the research necessary so that you are aware of all the options available to you. Some people make decisions with limited amount of information, so make sure that isn’t you. Every dealer’s website will have tabs at the top of their site. Make sure that you look through each tab carefully and see what every dealer has to offer you.

Check Out Certified Pre-Owned or Used at Findlay Auto

Here at Findlay Auto we pride ourselves in providing a wide variety of vehicles for our customers. We have highly trained and extremely professional employees that will go above and beyond to get you in the vehicle of your dreams today. Check us out at Findlayauto.com and get in touch with us today.

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