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April 7th, 2021 by

Findlay Cadillac

Findlay Cadillac located in Henderson is pleased to announce two returning members to the Findlay team: Travis Miller and Lawrence (Larry) Atwell.  Twenty-one years ago, Miller and Atwell were part of the opening of the Findlay Honda Henderson.  Their mutual love of cars, which started long ago, has again brought these two together.

When Miller first came to Las Vegas 21 years ago he would be driving and see Findlay billboards everywhere on the freeway.  He knew he wanted to be a part of that experience.  Miller subsequently sought out an opportunity at Findlay, and in a city known to be transient, the rest is history.  A couple decades later, Miller looks back with fond memories.  When asked about his time with Findlay, Miller said, “It has been without a doubt the best experience I’ve ever had with a job.  It’s been the best place to work for.  They treat you like family more than just a number.”  As the new Service Director at Findlay Cadillac, Miller imparts this same care to all who come into his shop.  Miller guarantees that people can rely on him and his team to provide excellent results and facilitate a superb customer experience.  Working in service fits Miller like a glove.  Miller said, “I’ve been working with cars all my life.  I actually started in the car business at 16 years old as a lot porter.  I would clean cars, wash them and then put them back where they should go.”

Atwell, is also thrilled to be working for Findlay Cadillac.  Atwell has been in Las Vegas for 40 years.  Atwell said, “I was in the military before this so the Air Force brought me here. I never left, I met my wife here and we had our family here. Vegas is home.”  Atwell is a huge Vegas Golden Knights fan. He attends games, sports the vanity license plate, and wears #75’s jersey.  When asked Atwell said, “I wear No. 75 because I like his role on the team. Mark Stone is my favorite player because of his leadership and what he brings to the team.”  Atwell works hard to emulate these characteristics as a sales consultant at Findlay Cadillac and is looking forward to the future.  Atwell said, “I’m a people person, I like a good handshake, eye contact, and get excited when I’m doing my job.”

Both Atwell and Miller know the importance of good service and are proud of the experience quality they provide at Findlay Cadillac.  Miller said the “difference is reputation of the name, and how well the car is made… It’s difficult to put into words for me but the touch and the feel of the car lets you know that you’ve made it!”  Working in service, Miller ensures that his team adds that Findlay touch so that every driver gets back into their car and enjoys that feeling for all the miles to come.  Atwell, who has worked with Cadillac’s for 19 years, said, “Cadillac is an iconic brand… It’s an American brand.  When we were growing up and people said, ‘I hope my toaster run’s like a Cadillac,’ that says a lot.”  At Findlay Cadillac, Atwell is excited to continue to showcase the various models and features associated with Cadillac’s luxury-centric automobiles.  Atwell is confident that at Findlay Cadillac, he can find the perfect product for any person that includes the perfect combination of technology, class, and power.  Simply put, Atwell said, “We are one of the leaders on the road.”

Findlay Cadillac is optimistic for the future.  Whether it’s with Miller in service or Atwell on the lot, Findlay Cadillac invites all to come on in and experience this iconic American car with Findlay’s guaranteed service.

Find out more by calling 702.558.2600, visiting www.FindlayCadillac.com or stopping by 993 Auto Show Dr. Henderson 89014.

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