Findlay Automotive Group continues support for Red Rock Search and Rescue

October 21st, 2019 by

From left, Subaru of America Denver Region executive Jessica Tiedeken; Subaru of Las Vegas general manager Burton Hughes; Red Rock Search and Rescue’s John Koutsulis and Findlay CFO Tyler Corder.

Findlay Automotive Group cemented another strong relationship when the company donated $33,361 to Red Rock Search and Rescue.

The donation marked the sixth year that Findlay Automotive Group has supported Red Rock Search and Rescue, a dedicated group of individuals that work long hours helping others every year.

Red Rock Search and Rescue was founded in 2012 when hiker Ron Kirk went missing in Calico Basin. Red Rock Search and Rescue was formed to help families search for their missing and lost loved ones.

Since its beginning, the group of volunteers has done an incredible job of saving many people who have been lost for one reason for another.

The non-profit 501(c)(3) group of dedicated volunteers is comprised of 200 highly skilled and trained volunteers from all walks of life.

Included in the group are paramedics, off-duty police officers, firefighters and people with a heart for giving back to their community.

Members are trained in all types of weather and terrain ranging from 100-degree dry deserts to frozen mountains and urban neighborhood. When it comes to dedication, Red Rock Search and Rescue is highly-respected for its dedication and expertise.

The group is on stand-by every day each year and most importantly, it’s free of charge.

Findlay Automotive Group CFO Tyler Corder praised Red Rock Search and Rescue.

“Red Rock Search & Rescue provides a vital service to our community,” Corder said. “They are always there when needed and they are completely staffed by volunteers. That’s why we’ve been supporting them for the past six years with donations exceeding $127,000.”

Subaru of Las Vegas General Manager Burton Hughes added “Red Rock Search & Rescue is an amazing organization of people who embody the Subaru Love Promise to a tee! They selflessly donate their valuable time, resources, and capabilities–heroically serving others in seeking out and saving the lost.”

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