Findlay Automotive Group stands with their employees through the COVID crisis

May 11th, 2020 by

Starting left to right, going top to bottom. Robert Schweizer Jr. pre-owned manager, Kenn Walker sales consultant, Kaitlyn Estrella social media manager, Gaspar Jimenez internet sales, Stephanie Bernas marketing director.

Stay Home For Nevada and similar measures elsewhere are important for the health and safety of communities but the economic consequences have been dramatic.

This has been a stressful time for everyone. Beyond concerns about our health many people are concerned about their employment and how they’ll pay their bills. That’s why Findlay Automotive made a bold decision from the first day of the shutdown that they would not lay-off any employees during this time. That came as a huge relief for Findlay’s more than 2,200 employees spread out across 32 dealerships in 6 states.

What makes Findlay’s commitment more remarkable is that although all service departments remain open, automobile showrooms in Nevada were ordered closed by the governor. As a result large number of Findlay employees are unable to work during this time. Regardless all Findlay employees are still receiving a pay check and they’re keeping their benefits throughout this time.

Despite all Nevada sales showrooms being closed Findlay already had an option for customers to buy cars online. The solution is called Joydrive. Consumers can visit and choose from thousands of new and pre-owned vehicles. The entire transaction is completed online then the vehicle is delivered to the customer’s home.

Findlay Automotive’s CFO Tyler Corder had this to say about Joydrive. “We’re grateful that we had this solution in place before the COVID shutdown. We’ve been able to continue serving customers in a completely safe way. Although our sales are far from the normal level this certainly helps.”

When asked what drove him and the Findlay family to keep all employees on the payroll throughout this process Corder explained that “Our employees are what make us who we are, our entire business model is built around the great customer experience provided by our employees. For Findlay Automotive to be successful we need to take care of our people.”

When asked how they felt about how Findlay had handled the challenges brought about by the COVID shutdown Findlay employees had this to say:

“Findlay Automotive Group sincerely takes care of their people, and we haven’t missed a paycheck. I feel totally blessed.” Deb Topham sales consultant Findlay Cadillac.

“I’m proud of to be working here. Findlay shows the utmost in loyalty, and I couldn’t imagine working for anyone else.” Mike Calmelat Findlay Kia.

“I think it’s a reflection of the Findlay family and Findlay Automotive, “It’s a very strong statement, for sure.” John Barr general manager Findlay Toyota.

Thank you to the Findlay family and organization for investing in your employees/team. Doing this shows me how much you appreciate and care for us. I will always remember this time when you didn’t turn your back on us. This shows true leadership during a time of uncertainty.” Stephanie Bernas marketing director Findlay Toyota.

“On behalf of myself and my family, I want to thank you and the Findlay Management team… In these unprecedented times, it is reassuring to know that our company is taking care of their employees. It also reaffirms why I chose to work for the Findlay family. We are truly in this together.” Robert Schweizer Jr. pre-owned manager Findlay Volvo Las Vegas.

Corder went on to say this about the Findlay team and his outlook for the future.

“We really feel we have the best employees in the auto business. They’re a group of loyal hard-working people. It’s important for them to provide for their families so we’re going to protect them for as long as we can. We’re optimistic that business will return to normal soon and hopefully we can retain all of our staff until that time. We will come through this together, and will return even stronger on the other side.


Findlay Automotive was founded by the late Pete Findlay nearly 60 years ago and began with one location. Today there are 32 stores in Nevada, Arizona Utah, Oregon, Idaho, and California. For more information visit or follow them on Facebook.