Findlay Automotive’s Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas dealership offers adventure

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Land Rover Las Vegas had a big crowd for its most recent off-road outing in Southern Nevada.

Findlay Automotive Group’s Land Rover Las Vegas unveiled a state-of-the-art newly-constructed 47,000 square-foot building Nov. 15 at 6425 Roy Horn Way in southwest Las Vegas.

However, it’s the off-road adventures that really make the dealership stand out in the eyes of their customers. While enjoying the Nevada desert, the participants in the off-road adventures get to learn first-hand about all of the benefits and amenities of Land Rover vehicles.





Range Rover owner Rick Fassina has really enjoyed exploring Nevada with fellow Rover enthusiasts.

Las Vegas businessman Rick Fassina enjoys the outdoors of the southern Nevada desert in his 2017 Range Rover Sport Supercharged V-8.

“I have driven a Range Rover since 2013 when I first drove the Range Rover Evoque and was so impressed that I simply had to have it. Since then, I have fallen in love with the Range Rover Sport Supercharged which I currently drive.”

Dealership general manager Ray DiNardi is a huge proponent of these off-road gatherings which usually attract about 20 vehicles.

“We just did one last weekend over the Mohave Road and on to Soda Springs and the end of ZZYX Road where we toured the facility and learned about its history,” Dinardi explained.

The gatherings enable Land Rover owners a chance to experience the nuances of the vehicle while also enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Land Rovers have endless capabilities and drivers get the chance to experience them when participating in these off-road adventures.

Fassina had this to say about his participation.

“I love taking part in these events for many reasons,” he said. “Because you drive your own car, you learn the myriad of features it has and how to use them in challenging situations. Being outdoors also adds to the thrill. Furthermore, Land Rover Las Vegas makes the adventure easy because refreshments are provided and among the organizers is always an experienced mechanic.”

The outings are planned and coordinated by Rick Nelson, who spearheads the marketing and advertising for Land Rover Las Vegas.

“One thing that sets us apart from other dealers is that we like to keep the relationship going,” explained Nelson. “For instance, we do two exciting things that include what is called “Land Rover Wheels Event” where we take our customers and their family’s off-roading for the day and in some cases, overnight. The drives can be slow and easy and on historic trails and some are challenging and fast paced. We provide lunch on the trails, too.”

Another fun event the dealership offers are what are known as “Jaguar Customer Driving Events” which can be a day jaunt to Death Valley, a poker run to local businesses or even a day at the race track.

Events are every three months alternating between Jaguar and Land Rover. Some customers drive in both events.

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Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas is part of the Findlay Automotive Group which began with one location back in 1961. Since that time the Findlay organization has grown to 33 locations in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and California. Find out more at

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