Findlay Mazda offers the Mazda3 for safety and style

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Green Valley High School student Molly Martin is seen with her 2019 Mazda3 purchased from Findlay Mazda in the Valley Automall.

Every parent has concerns about the day their teen starts driving, and that belief holds true for Smith Center President and CEO Myron Martin, who recently purchased a 2019 Mazda 3 from Findlay Mazda in the Valley Automall.

The Mazda was purchased for Martin’s daughter, Molly, who is Miss Las Vegas Outstanding Teen, and will compete for the title of Miss Nevada Outstanding Teen June 29-30 at the Westgate. Now 16 and a student at Green Valley High School is on the run continually, gets excellent grades and works hard to help others; while also excelling in theater and choir.

Molly and her father, talked at length about what brand of vehicle to purchase before selecting the newly-redesigned Mazda3, which has been lauded for its safety, style, fuel efficiency and comfort.

“Molly and I actively looked at cars online and on dealer lots off and on,” Martin explained, adding that was hard to find the time because Molly appeared in the first ever production of Mama Mia at Green Valley High School and has seen many other productions since getting the theater bug.

“Molly really liked a few cars that she had seen. The minute she saw the 2019 Mazda3, she was in love with the styling, the grill, and the interior. She really liked the technology options – like the Apple CarPlay integration, and especially the safety features. It took some time to decide on the color. In the beginning she was drawn to the red and then the blue, but then her practical side kicked in and she selected the silver color because it is ‘timeless and I won’t get tired of it.

“She then said, ‘Face it. I will have this car throughout high school and college.”

Molly’s choice of the Mazda3 came with a peppy 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine that gets an EPA estimated 35-miles per gallon on the highway.

“Her mom and I agreed that getting a new car with the latest safety features was worth it,” he said. “We agreed to both participate in this major purchase. I bought the car and she is providing the insurance.

“Ironically, the insurance wasn’t more expensive for this new car than the used cars were looking at thanks to the safety innovations.”

Mazda’s approach to car design is known as Skyactiv, and it applies to the engine, transmission, chassis and body of their vehicles. Skyactiv engines are efficient, high-compression engines that produce great power without needing premium gas. All new Mazdas use six-speed transmissions that shift smoothly and respond quickly to the driver’s input. Skyactiv chassis use tempered steel for more rigidity and less weight, and the body designs are both stylish and efficient, with some of the lowest drag coefficients in the sedan segment.

The 2019 Mazda3’s safety features are called i-Activsense and include both passive and active safety features to ensure the safety of everyone in the vehicle. Blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, lane monitoring and predictive braking are just some of the features that make the new Mazda3 a standout in car industry.

Led by general manager Allen Montalvo, Findlay Mazda is part of Findlay Automotive Group founded by the late Pete Findlay in 1961, the auto group includes 33 dealerships in Nevada, California, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona and Utah.

Further information regarding Findlay Mazda can be found by visiting the dealership at 7760 Eastgate Gate Rd., in the Valley Automall in Henderson, by calling 702-955-5555, or by visiting

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