Findlay Toyota provides mobile repair service

November 19th, 2019 by

Findlay Toyota’s mobile repair service department vehicle.

Consumers want convenience and Findlay Toyota is working hard to oblige them. Over the past few months Findlay Toyota has been completing select car repairs at the customer’s home or place of business.

Jason Kopman who oversees Findlay Toyota’s mobile repair initiative described an experience familiar to many. You get in your car to head into work turn the key and realize your battery is dead. It’s a pretty common experience in the Vegas valley where the sun frequently drains batteries prematurely. Kopman explains that rather than having to jumpstart your car you can call Findlay Toyota and have a battery brought to your home or work, replaced and installed at no extra charge.

Less common but equally essential is having a manufacturer recall performed. Findlay Toyota is able to perform the majority of Toyota recalls at a customer’s home or workplace. In the case of recalls there is of course no charge to the customer whether it’s performed in the dealership or off site.

Kopman explained that light parts can also be delivered and installed on a customer’s vehicles whether they’re at home or work. Again at no additional charge.

Obviously most repairs require a lift and tools that can’t be easily transported. Findlay Toyota has an answer for that as well. They offer customers pick up, repair and return service. In this case an employee of the dealership will come to your home or workplace pick up your vehicle, drive it to the dealership, complete the repair and return the vehicle to you. Kopman cautions that this service is still new and on a first come first serve as available basis.

While this service seems novel today Findlay Toyota feels it’s likely to become the norm in the future. You can schedule your mobile service by calling (702) 566-2596 and asking for mobile repair service.

Findlay Toyota, which is situated in the Valley Automall at 7733 Eastgate Rd. in Henderson, is part of Findlay Automotive Group which was founded more than 50 years ago by the late Pete Findlay. The umbrella of dealerships now includes 32 dealerships in Nevada, Utah, California, Arizona, Idaho and Oregon.

Findlay Toyota is overseen by general manager John Barr. Further information can be found by calling 702-566-2000 or by visiting

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