Findlay Toyota’s John Barr reflects on a more than 20 year-long ad campaign

February 20th, 2020 by

A family purchased a car from Findlay Toyota 20 years ago and the family’s youngster, who looked like a younger version of John Barr, became a part of the dealership’s advertising campaign. They called him “Biddy Barr”.

Findlay Toyota pitchman John Barr remembers well his climb in the car business that hatched in April of 1998. A former soccer player and musician from England, he found himself in the car business by utilizing a picture-perfect face and intriguing British accent recognized by the late dealership general manager Rich Abajian, himself a former college football player and coach.

In Abajian’s eyes, an automobile dealership needed a creative face that could be utilized in everything from radio and television commercials to special events with wide-ranging reach. Abajian passed in 2016, and Barr has carried on without his dear friend.

Abajian had an amazing ability to recognize talent in employees of Findlay Toyota while capitalizing on a formula that has seen the dealership rise to become one of the largest Toyota dealerships in the nation.

It’s clear that Barr’s personality and pizzazz has played a big role in Findlay Toyota’s success. So where did all of this start, and why did the theme take off so dramatically?

In a true happenstance, Barr sold two vehicles to a Boulder City family that included a Boulder City policemen and a cute little boy that looked like he was the son of Barr in 1999. The family’s young son resembled a smaller version of Barr complete with blond hair. He was later cast as Biddy Barr inspired by the Austin Powers character Mini-me

“We did a lot of crazy commercials based on the Austin Powers and other pop culture icons.”

One of Barr’s first commercials was a song which played to a catchy rhythm and said “His name is John Barr, he’s gonna sell you a car.” That later evolved into Barr’s trademark catch phrase “I’ll do anything to sell you a car.” “That slogan has been the recognized branding of Findlay Toyota for many years.” Barr said.

“Findlay Toyota often has a commercial during the Super Bowl. This year will feature a commercial that looks back through the last 20 years as a thank you from Findlay Toyota and the Findlay family to the city of Las Vegas.” Barr said.

While the youngster in the commercial is all grown up now and hasn’t been on TV in quite some time, John Barr continues to dominate the airwaves of both television and radio.  In fact, he’s busier than ever now that he’s also the general manager of the dealership.

Founded by the late Pete Findlay, Findlay Toyota is a part of a group of 32 Findlay dealerships in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho and California.

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