Honda’s Highest Award – Again Bestowed on Findlay Honda Dealerships in Henderson and on Centennial Hills

April 7th, 2021 by

Every year, Honda dealership across the nation seeks to achieve the most prestigious honor from the American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – the President’s Award. In Nevada, out of all of the Honda dealerships, only Findlay Honda Las Vegas and Findlay Honda Henderson won the President’s Award.

The President’s Award is a holistic accolade that considers several factors including: business management, sales, quality of the vehicle purchase experience, brand representation, and most importantly the customer service experience. Both Findlay Honda Henderson and Findlay Honda Las Vegas demonstrated a superior achievement in these areas.  As Findlay Honda Las Vegas’ General Manager Chuck Loubert said, “the award requires excellence in all aspects of [our] sales. Nothing is more important to Honda than taking care of [our] customers.”  More than 1,000 Honda auto dealerships participate in this program each year, with only those that achieve excellence in all aspects of operation receiving the President’s Award.  Notably, the award objectives are revised annually to encourage dealerships to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

This is not the first time that either Findlay Honda Henderson or Findlay Honda Las Vegas have earned the President’s Award.  Findlay Honda Las Vegas has now achieved this award for its second year, which is a testament to that team’s hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction.  Loubert is proud of the work provided by his team stating that, “[i]t took a full team effort of every Honda employee.  They all know it’s important for us because of the recognition and prestige that comes with the President’s Award.  More importantly, “we have a sense of pride because we know how important our customers are. We want them to know how seriously we take this. We work hard on this everyday to achieve our goals,” said Loubert.

Findlay Honda Henderson is a veteran President’s Award recipient, having received the award for ten consecutive years and fifteen years overall.  When asked what sets this dealership apart from the others, General Manager Scott Ramer’s response came easy, “it’s simple, you treat people right.”


He continued, “[w]inning the President’s award for 15 years and 10 consecutive years takes a group effort.  Everyone at the dealership shares in the goal.”  Going above and beyond for their customers is engrained in their employees.  It’s a mindset.  “We are family owned and operated.  We care about our customers and give them the best service possible.” Ramer said.  A person shopping for their first or next car should be fun and easy.  That’s exactly what you’ll get when you visit Findlay Honda Henderson.


As President’s Award recipients, Findlay Honda Henderson and Findlay Honda Las Vegas know what this honor demands – excellence. Being classified as President’s Award dealerships reflects their total commitment to customer satisfaction.


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