Why should I Purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

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2015 Acura TLX

Why not to buy a New Car

Buying a new car is an alluring prospect when searching for you next car. Let’s be real though, unless you have everything paid for and no real bills other than your taxes, the purchase of a new vehicle seems a little out of reach but a certified pre-owned isn’t. We have a vehicle for you at Findlay Auto.

Depreciation will hit you the moment you start driving your new vehicle. An average loss of 9% within the first mile of driving it off the lot. By the end of your second year of owning the vehicle, it will have depreciated an average of 31%. Purchasing new vehicles basically ensures that you will never regain the value you paid to have that new car.

Certified Pre-Owned is the best type of used car to purchase. Try and look for the vehicles with only 1 previous owner, for a good price. Finding vehicles with only one previous owner is tough but it is possible to find them. Make sure you set that as part of your search description.

Benefits of Purchasing Certified Pre-Owned

With a certified pre-owned vehicle you will be paying a little more money but for a good reason. To become a certified pre-owned there are strict guidelines that the vehicle must fall in with. The vehicle must be the latest model with low-mileage and a clean history report. Although these requirements differ between auto makers, there are similarities to the level of quality that is ensured to the buyer.

Deep Rooted Value in Certified Pre-Owned

On average a certified pre-owned undergoes 100 to 200 individual checks. This means that not only did it have specific specs it needed to meet but also inspections it had to pass. There is also a chance that if the warranties are on the shorter side, there is potential for them to be extended.

If the warranties are for longer periods of time, then it is more likely that they will not be. Overall, when you buy certified pre-owned you are guaranteeing that you are receiving a used vehicle of the highest quality.

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