Scenic Driving in Your Used Honda Accord

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2016 Honda Accord
Driving Scenic Byways in Utah with Your Used Honda Accord

Having more than 2,200 miles of scenic byways Utah is the perfect place to see beautiful landscapes while siting comfortable in a temperature controlled climate. Home to five mighty national parks, forty-three state parks, seven national monuments and more than nine million acres of national forest land Utah is the perfect place to get out and enjoy nature how it was supposed to be enjoyed. Fresh air in your lungs and healing sunlight on your skin. Let’s take a look at some of the most sought out places to journey to in Utah.

Northern Utah Has a Lot to Offer

Featuring a 41-mile national scenic byway connecting Northern Utah and Yellowstone in Wyoming. Running along the Logan River this route gives you a plethora of scenic views to keep you inspired throughout the drive. Traveling this road will give you spectacular sights of craggy limestone cliffs and at the top a break taking view of Bear Lake. This is one of the many reasons why Utah is the perfect place to travel in your recently purchased Used Honda Accord from Findlay Automotive Group.

The Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway National Scenic Byway links very important dinosaur sites that are tons of fun for everyone in the family. These sites are where there have been discoveries of ancient beasts that use to roam the world known as the Dinosaurs. For both car and dinosaur enthusiasts, you combine a used Honda Accord and open road with dinosaur stuff you get greatness.

Benefits of Cruising Through Utah in a Used Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord has a proven track record of reliability and few other vehicles can match the overall reliability of this all around vehicle. With having the ability of lasting at least 300,000 miles the Honda Accord maintains its value better than most other vehicles in its class. With plenty of space inside you can travel comfortably with your passengers. Always known for having great gas mileage there will be no road to long to tackle on the scenic byways of Utah. Honda always puts safety first and consistently has one of the top safety ratings in its class. The Honda Accord is not just a vehicle to catch someone’s eye but it also has the ability to tear it up on the roadways.

Other Roads to Hit in Utah

When we talk about traveling in you used Honda Accord in the state of Utah we can’t forget about Highway 12 in Southern Utah. This 122 mile road will take you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States of America but make sure you are traveling the right way and that is in you used Honda Accord. With years of notoriety for being among the best, there is no reason that should be holding you back from owning your very own today. Check us out at for all of your vehicle needs.

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