Things to Lookout for When Buying a Used Vehicles

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2205 Honda CRV

Buying a used vehicle is not easy, but there are ways in which the entire process can be made smooth. Here are some tips that will help you out, and will tell you about the warning signs that you should be on a lookout for.

Unlicensed Dealer

Do not buy anything from an unlicensed dealer. If someone is not showing you the proof of registration, then it is time to move on to another dealer. You should know that the registered dealers contribute to a compensation fund, which you will have access to if you will suffer from any monetary loss. Other than this, be on a lookout for unregistered dealer who pretend to be private sellers.

Examining the Car

Examine the car under broad day light so that you can see all the defects. If you examined the car during night time and the owner is not allowing you to have a second look, then you should walk away.

Check the Car Paint

Does the car have a fresh undercoating? If yes, then do not be flattered by it and think about what the paint is trying to hide, as there may be some serious dents and scratches below the paint’s surface.

Look At the Bumper and Panels

If the bumper and panels of the car are not aligning, then it may be an indication that the car has been in a collision. If that is the case, then be on a lookout for signs of repair, ripples, overspray, and spots that have a different color.

Take It for a Test Drive

Never buy a car before test driving it. If the car has difficulty starting and the owner is saying that it was fine yesterday, then it means that there is a problem.

Check for Leaks

Look for smells and puddles because all the fluids should be on the inside of the car. Sniff under the car’s hood and check for anti-freeze and fuel leaks.

Be Aware of Incorrect Paperwork

Do not even consider buying a car if the paperwork is missing. If the vehicle that you are buying is certified, then it should have a safety certificate, and the vehicle information number (VIN) should match. You should also be looking at the date of safety, and the maintenance/repair records before purchasing the vehicle.

Hear the Rattle

Do you hear any weird sounds that are coming out when you rev the engine? If yes, then you should be looking at the tailpipe, which shouldn’t be black or blue in color and shouldn’t smell of antifreeze. Look at the oil dipstick and if the oil is creamy-white, then it is indicating that the coolant has leaked internally.

Smell the Inside

If the car smells too good, then there is a possibility that the owner is trying to hide weird smells and seal from the water pipe.

Here are some tips that you should use when buying a used car. Good luck!

Where to Buy a Good Used Car?

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