Used Subaru WRX

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2016 Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX

If a small and affordable car is what you seek, then you’ll absolutely love the used Subaru WRX. The three most admirable things about the Subaru WRX include its powerful engine, standard all wheel drive and agile handling. A great drive is what the small used Subaru WRX ensures. Even the critics endorse the great drive of Subaru WRX.

The used Subaru WRX features a completely different engine from previous years. The reason for modifying the engine is to compete with Ford’s Fusion and Honda’s Civic Si. The Subaru WRX is the perfect vehicle for hardcore performance enthusiasts. Also available in sedan body style, the Subaru WRX has many admirable features. Let’s look at some of them.

Comfortable Interior

For long, automotive experts have complained about the boring design feature and poor quality materials of the Subaru WRX .However, the used Subaru WRX features seats that are well supported and ensure comfortable long drives. The seats also ensure great visibility. You’ll find a decent amount of legroom in the rear seats of the WRX, and its driver’s seat offers a comfortable driving position. It may not appear like it but the trunk of the WRX has a decent amount of cargo space.

All Necessary features

You’ll find most standard features in the Subaru WRX. Part of these standard features are a USB port, Bluetooth, a 6-speaker CD sound system and high definition radio. Apart from the standard features, the WRX also features some high-tech gear. This includes a dual-zone climate control, an audio system, push-button start, a moon roof and voice controlled navigation. There is one slight loophole in the WRX’s interiorùthe car features confusing on-screen menus which make it difficult to access audio settings. The optional navigation system are what the on-screen menus are a part of.

Distinctive Looking Exterior

Unlike the previous models, the Subaru WRX has a sporty and unique looking exterior. Prior to 2012, the exterior of the Subaru WRX gave the notion that Subaru was trying (not so successfully) to imitate the more expensive cars. Thankfully, the car manufacturer did not repeat the same mistake in later years and gave the WRX a unique exterior look. Part of this unique exterior are flared rear and front fenders, thin A-pillars for improved visibility and unique nose cone-shaped front end.

Powerful engine and good drive

The used Subaru WRX features a powerful and responsive turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The engine comes with a standard 6-speed manual transmission and an optional automatic transmission. You get power from the manual transmission while the automatic transmission ensures precise shifts. One area the engine of the WRX lacks is fuel economy, as the EPA rating of this car for both the city and the highway is higher than that of its competitors. The Subaru WRX features sharp corners and steering which ensures great body control and impressive handling.

The WRX is an affordable car that is great for everyday use. Visit Findlay Auto located in Las Vegas if you’re interested in the used Subaru WRX or want to check out other used cars.

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